The 2010 Hot List
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There are 94 products profiled in this, our seventh annual Hot List. How did we get here? It's the culmination of a year's worth of investigation, including unbiased input from a team of 32 players, teachers, golf retailers and scientists during two weeks of testing in Mesquite, Nevada. Their advice, along with mountains of technical data from equipment manufacturers and independent sources, was carefully considered by our four Hot List judges before we arrived at our final list. Check out this website for further details about The Golf Shop Online Store

The Hot List has never been about ending your search for new clubs; it has been about making it more focused. We know there's a lot of good equipment in the market, but only these products receive our highest recommendation: a Gold or Silver medal.

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2010 Hot List: How We Did It
The Process

How We Did It

See how we selected the most significant clubs in the game.
The Rating System
The Hot List Panel: The Hot List Judges
The Hot List Panel

Meet The Team

Judges, scientists and players who made up the Hot List Panel.
2010 Hot List: Editor's Choice: Our favorite clubs
Editor's Choice

Our Favorite Clubs

Here are clubs that our judges found remarkable in ways others overlooked.
2010 Hot List Drivers
Drivers are restricted in nearly every way but one: potential. Let these max out yours.
Fairway woods
Fairway woods
Morphing from driving club to reliable second-shot weapon, this club has wide versatility.
2010 Hot List: Hybrids
If any club should be ruled illegal, it should be the hybrid. It makes the game too easy.
2010 Hot List: Wedges
This year could mark the last time you'll see real innovation in wedges.
2010 Hot List: Putters
View our selection of gold and silver medal winners:
Blade Putters
Mallet Putters